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We believe that there is hope for persons with substance dependency, psychiatric conditions, and behavioral problems.


We aim to assist people through their troubled times, especially during times of crises, so that patients will experience wholeness, wellness, growth, and healing in their lives.


We envision the facility to be a world-class counseling center that renders services that are culturally sensitive, highly scientific, and life transforming with services administered by a team of highly competent and caring professionals and supported by a community of kindred minds and spirits.


Our mission is:


  • To move people towards wholeness, wellness, growth and healing.

  • To promote a wholistic and total approach to healing and reintegration.

  • To provide professional, compassionate, and caring services to psychiatric patients.

  • To provide a unique, research based and life transforming approach to recovery.

  • To develop highly effective theories and methods in psychiatric work guided by institution based researches.

  • To train people in counseling and psychotherapy.


The values espoused at LCRC are: respect, compassion, life transformation, care, personal, individualized, culture affirming, spiritual, whole, humane, scientific, respect, truth, openness, collegiality, and integrity.




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